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Organization of the Student Union

The Student Union of Örebro University represents all students and PhD students at our University. The Student unions work is an extensive function that requires a broad organization. To manage our mission to organize students of questions about education and manage social event for students we require a lot of people and organs. On the picture below, you can get an overview of our organization.

FUM – The Council

The Council or FUM as we call it is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union. To clarify it even more you might say that FUM is our parliament. The role of the Council is to improve the Union and put the direction for the Student Union of Örebro University as an organization and business overall and be responsible for the full-time workers who are elected by the council.

The Council contains of 41 members where all sections are represented. Each member of the council are elected by their section to represent them in all different questions the council discusses. Ordinary members of the council have the right to bring their own punkter to the council.

The meetings of the Council contains:

  • Propositions – suggestions from the board of the student union
  • Motions from the student magazine Lösnummer
  • Motions – From members of the Student Union
  • Interpellations – Written Questions/Suggestions from the members of the Student Union
  • Questions for Discussion – General discussion questions
  • Election of Student representatives and heltidsarvoderade – Elections of posts of trust


The Councils Meeting Presidency

The meetings of the Council are assembled and chaired by the Council Meeting Presidency. The Meeting Presidency consist of a meeting chair and a secretary. The chair of the meeting has the overall responsibility for the summons of members, documents and the management of the meeting. The meeting secretary is responsible for recording the meeting and handles the practical work on the council meetings such as notifications of members, booking of local and food.

The Board of the Student Union

Directly subordinated to the Örebro Student Union Council is the Board of the Student Union – Örebro Student Union’s highest executive body. The Board of the Student Union consist of SU’s chairman, two vice-chairman and one representative from each section. The main task of the board of the student union is to implement the council’s decision and manage the organization. The board are responsible for the political work of the student union, which involve working towards the university, the municipality, the region and the business community on behalf of all students at Örebro University.

 Post: Namn: Mail:
Katarina Kristoffersson ordforande@orebrostudentkar.se
Vice ordförande
Kristin Törnqvist vice.utbpol@orebrostudentkar.se
Vice ordförande
Vacant vice.studsoc@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot Sobra Lova Andersson sobra.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot Grythyttan Alice Lindstrand grythyttan.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot Qultura Oscar Byström qultura.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot Corax Emilia Malm corax.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot GIH Hanna Persson gih.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot Sesam Lovisa Sajland sesam.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot TekNat Joakim Fernandez teknat.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot Serum Malin Bergman serum.ks@orebrostudentkar.se
Ledamot DokSek Vacant doksek.ks@orebrostudentkar.se

Employees at the Student Union

You are always welcome to contact us employees of the student union with all of your questions. Our office is located on campus next to Kårhuset. The best way to reach us is through email or by phone.

Full Remunerated

Emilia Malm
Emilia Malm Ordförande (President)
Have the general responsibility over the work of Örebro Student union.
0709 – 39 99 23
Kristin Törnqvist
Kristin TörnqvistVice ordförande med utbildningspolitiskt ansvar (Vice President of Educational Policy)
Responsible for internal structures and the political influence in questions related to education. Also the contact person for the educational policy issues
0709 – 39 99 26

0709 – 39 99 26

Ida Björklund
Ida BjörklundVice ordförande med studiesocialt ansvar (Vice President of Student Welfare Matter)
Responsible for the political influence if student welfare matters and represent the students in questions related to education conditions such as the study environment, security, equality, student housing and social activities such as the introduction.
0709 – 39 99 29

0709 – 39 99 29

Attessa Nilsson
Attessa NilssonChefredaktör och ansvarig utgivare för Lösnummer (Editor in chief and publisher of Lösnummer)
Responsible for the production and publishing of Lösnummer and handles the external contacts of the student magazine.
0709 – 39 99 25


Albina Hoti
Albina HotiStudent- & doktorandombud (Student and PhD student representative)
Gives legal support for students and PhD students during their education at Örebro University

Helen Lucas Dawit
Helen Lucas DawitEkonom (Economist)
Responsible for the economy of the Student Union
Emil Kihlgård
Emil Kihlgård Kommunikatör (Communicator)
Responsible for the communication and marketing of the Student Union on social media and online platforms.
0709 39 99 20
Sina Sabet
Sina SabetAdministrator
Works with administration and also works at Örebro’s Student Union reception.

Hanna Swingborg
Hanna SwingborgCoordinator
Works for continuity in the strategic student policy advocacy work and is close to the presidium when it comes to student policy issues. Contact person for questions regarding student representation.