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Politics and student influence

Stated in Swedish law students in Sweden have expectations of taking an active role in the improvement of higher education. As a student, you are not only expected to keep a high level on your studies but also be active in the questions regarding education, equality, research and study environment. How to improve and influence higher education as a student is not always clear however.

How students and the union influence

The student union, in their everyday work, strive to improve and develop education, research and the conditions for a healthy and good education experience at Örebro University. To be able to do this we work closely together with Örebro municipality, Region Örebro County, Sweden’s unified student unions and other external associations and support services.

Do you want to know more of how you can influence? Contact our Vice President of Educational Policy at

Educational Affairs & Student rights

Your student rights are important

To make sure the level of education at Örebro University keep a high quality is a big part of the student unions everyday work. Educational affairs is all about that both the student union and students care about student rights during their education period at Örebro University. If violations of rules and regulations occur, we inform the University of our Concerns and forward criticism about how to maintain students’ rights and quality of education better.

Educational affairs?

In order to uphold the level of education at Örebro University we have at least one student in each section responsible for viewing the education quality at each school. Do you have anything you want the education viewers to know about? Find their information on the right. All education viewers meet together with the president and vice president of the student union regularly to talk about how to tackle information and problems that have arisen about quality and level of education at Örebro University.

Contact the education viewers when?

You should turn to your student sections education viewer when you have questions directly linked to your education. How is the lecturers and seminars held, if a teacher behaves inappropriate to a student, if you exams or assignments have not been graded in correct time. Your Education viewer can answer questions about your rights and obligations as a student. They can also talk to your teachers and school about issues you have forwarded. Important to say is that you also may contact the education viewers with positive information and highlight things you appreciate with your education at Örebro University!

Student Environment and Healthcare

In order to be the best student possible we think it is important that you have a good study environment at campus and that you are healthy and feeling well both mentally and physically. A good study environment can be good lightning in our premises, good ventilation or noise reduction. It is also important that you are free from discrimination, stress and harassments. If you need help with stress relief or you mental health for example. Contact the campus healthcare centre with your problems!

Student and PhD student representative

The student and PhD student representative are the support for all members of the student union and students at Örebro University you may turn to get help with legal issues. Our representative will have consultation and give support to students that have been discriminated or miss treated in any other way at Örebro University.

Michelle Karlsson
Michelle KarlssonStudent and PhD student representative