New student

If you have found your way here, you probably are a new student at Örebro University, Welcome and Congratulations!

Welcome to a new start of your life here at Örebro University. Regardless if you are a new student or if you have previous studies at other universities or in other countries this is a new beginning to the student life here in Örebro.

We all have been students once and know there is a lot to take in and a lot to do in the beginning. This combined with new impressions, a new culture and move to a new city or even country, without knowing anyone can be hard. Our suggestion for you is to embrace this time, meet new people, ask your fellow students for help if needed, no questions are unnecessary or dumb!

One of the highlights of being a new student at Örebro University is our introduction programme. Örebro University together with the Student Union have created a 3-week programme full of activities for you to take part of. The activities aim to include all students and there is both social, academic and practical events to help you as a new student to get started with your studies at our university.

We are the Student Union

Our work is to represent you as a student at Örebro University. We are here to help you with questions about your education, the student life and we can support you if you believe your education could be improved in any way.

Hundreds of volunteering and dedicated students run the student union together with us. Students just like you! We truly hope that you who is reading this wants to join our organization and become an active member. Together we are stronger and can improve and influence our time at Örebro University. There is no limits on what we can accomplish, so become a member and help us improve the situation for students both in education and student life!

We wish you an unforgettable beginning of what we hope will become the best time of your life here at Örebro University and the Student Union.

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