Reception of the Student Union of Örebro University

The reception of the student union of Örebro University are closed during the summer and opens again 26th of August.

Our reception is to be found at office location of the Student Union. The receptionist can help you with membership of the union, answer questions about your education, pick up the Örebro Gift and book/pick up keys for the red pavilion.

When should you contact the reception?

  • If you have questions about your membership of the Student Union
  • If you want to pick up the Örebro Gift
  • Rent/book the red pavilion
  • Have questions about your education
  • Pick up your discount booklet

The Örebro Giftcard – A gift certificate worth 1000 sek

The Örebro giftcard is sponsored by the municipally of Örebro. The requirements to receive one is to be a registered student at Örebro University, member of the student union and be registered in Örebro municipality.

You can receive your gift certificate at the reception of the student union during our opening hours. Important to remember is to bring your identification.

You can use the Örebro gift card in over 150 stores in the city centre – clothing stores, grocery stores, cafés, restaurant and hairdressers. The gift card could also be used to purchase concert tickets, theatre tickets or to ride with the local busses. Do you want to know more about how to use this gift card? Visit city Örebro’s website

Questions about how to register in Örebro municipality visit the Swedish tax office website where you can get more information

Rental and booking the Red Pavilion

The Red Pavilion is a house you as a member of the student union can rent for events etc. To the right you can see a red button “red pavilion” if you klick on this button you will find more information about the pavilion such as price, how you rent it and what the pavilion contains ect. Have you any questions about the pavilion please contact our reception at .