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Örebro Student Union's new section is called Nexus!

During the latest fullmäktige meeting, it became clear - Örebro Student Union's new section is called Nexus. Örebro Student Union is thus expanding with a new section and will, as of July 1, consist of a total of ten sections.* Nexus will be a section for those who want to contribute to a better study experience for international students at Örebro University. Previously, these students primarily belonged to ESN Örebro, but now the student union will have its own section dedicated to these students.

– Through Nexus, we will ensure that all international students are represented in a sustainable manner through the collective student voice. It is a natural step in the student union's internationalization efforts, and it will be both fun and exciting to see how the new section develops and establishes itself on campus, says Anna Olsenius, President of Örebro Student Union.

The decision to establish the new section Nexus was made at an extraordinary fullmäktige meeting on May 20, 2024. Nexus will represent all incoming international students at the undergraduate and advanced levels at Örebro University.

*The decision initially applies from July 1, 2024, to October 15, 2024. This is because the establishment of a new section requires a change of statues, which means the decision needs to go through two fullmäktige meetings to be permanently ratified.



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