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Emergency accommodation


What is an emergency accommodation?


An emergency accommodation is a last and temporary solution for you as a new student who has nowhere to live when the semester starts.

The design of the emergency accommodation varies and can be anything from an empty apartment with a mattress on the floor to a private room in a villa or a sleeping place on someone's sofa.

Remember that the emergency accommodation is a temporary solution while you wait for a short-term contract within ÖBO's housing guarantee or find a more permanent home on your own.

The rent for emergency accommodation is SEK 800/started 7-day period.

The rent is the same for all our emergency accommodation, regardless of how it looks and where it is located. As a tenant, you pay this amount via Swish to Örebro student union, which in turn pays the landlord when the rental period is over. All rental contracts within the emergency accommodation are temporary and should primarily help you get a roof over your head.


How do I get emergency accommodation?

In order for us to be able to provide you with emergency accommodation, it is required that you as a tenant are;

New student at Örebro University
Member of Örebro student union
In the queue with ÖBO's housing guarantee or can show a contract for moving into another accommodation

(For more information about ÖBO's housing guarantee and registration, click here.)
If you meet all the requirements, you are warmly welcome to apply via the form below, alternatively come by the Örebro student union office where we will do our best to help you.

Remember to be able to show your union membership, admission notice and proof that you are part of ÖBO's housing guarantee or other housing contract.

What is included in emergency accommodation?

As a tenant, you must of course have a place to sleep, so in the emergency accommodation there must be a bed, mattress or fully comfortable sofa. You must also be able to cook and take care of your hygiene. Of course, it shouldn't be too crowded either. We at Örebro student union expect that a maximum of two people can fit in 18 square meters, that is, a student corridor room.

Common sense and general decency are expected of you as a tenant, such as not bringing guests home or having a party without asking your landlord first. You must respect your landlord and that he may not have the same circadian rhythm as you if you share a home.
Keep in mind that toilet paper, any type of food, bedding and the like are not included in the emergency accommodation, all of which you as the tenant are responsible for yourself.

You will find the emergency accommodation inside the Örebro student union office.

You will find the chancellery on the left side of the Kårhuset, seen from the Krakafontänen.


Studentgatan 5, 702 19 Örebro

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