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Cooperative associations

Örebro student union cooperates with the majority of student associations. These associations deal with everything between heaven and earth – sports activities, radio broadcasts, improvisational theatre, politics and purely social associations.


In an association, you can get involved in a number of different ways, partly as a member and participate in the activities, partly as a board member and move the associations work forward.



Form a cooperative association

The student association you are looking for is not there? Or maybe you are already a student association that wants to get better conditions? We at Örebro student union cherish a rich student life and are happy to see new student associations formed.

To form a brand new student association, you need to draw up some documents. This is to give the student association clear guidelines on what you should work on and a basis to rest on. The documents needed are:

  • Charter

  • Business plan

  • Budget


Become a cooperative association

When you now have a student association, it is time to become a cooperative association with us at
Örebro student union! To apply to become a cooperative association, a few more are needed
documents other than those mentioned above.

  • Organization number

  • Contact information for the board

  • Activity report (for existing student association)

  • Financial report (for existing student association)

  • Number of members (for existing student association)


We at Örebro student union are happy to help you with these documents and answer your questions. Templates for these documents can be found below.


Why cooperate with Ös?

A cooperative receives certain services and benefits:

  • Possibility to apply for possible association support from the student life coordinator.

  • Space on the ÖS website.

  • Notice board at university, subject to space.

  • PO box in the ÖS chancellery.

  • Opportunity to appear on ÖS information channels once per semester.

  • The right to take part in association training and networking meetings arranged by ÖS.

  • Access to help and support from the student life coordinator and vice president with student social responsibility.

Template: Statutes
Business plan
Template: Budget
Organization number
Template: Contact details
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