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Lösnummer is a independent newspaper of the Örebro student union.

I was founded in 1966 and in the fall of 2015, the newspaper got a proper fresh start

with content based on what students actually want to read about, a completely new graphic profile and a strong focus on web content and digital platforms.

An editorial board of engaged enthusiasts

Lösnummer is a newspaper for students and for them it is obvious that it is also run by students. In addition to the editor-in-chief, who is paid full-time within the student union, and the deputy editor-in-chief, who is paid part-time, it is non-profit students who produce all the content on the website and the other digital channels, as well as in the Student Guide, which is published every semester. If you are interested in creating Sweden's most innovative student newspaper together with Lösnummer, you are of course warmly welcome to become part of the editorial team. All that is needed is will, commitment and creativity. Unlocking numbers do not require any prior knowledge and what education you study does not matter either. 

Social security numbers are reviewed by the Örebro student union

"The newspaper must be religiously, union and party-politically independent and work independently and independently of the council, union board, section boards and other bodies within the student union."

This excerpt from Lösnummer's editorial policy describes how Lösnummer relates to Örebro student union. Lösnummer is part of the Örebro student union which also helps finance the newspaper's operations, at the same time it is Lösnummer mission to review them impartially. It is a task that Lösnummer takes very seriously and sees as the newspaper contribution to a democratic student union for all.

Are you interested in getting involved alongside your studies and being part of Lösnummer's lovely crew?
Send an email to

Do you want to know more about Lösnummer and follow what is happening at and around Örebro University?

Go to Lösnummer's website

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