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Örebro student union at hitract

Everything you need gathered in one place

On hitract you will find Örebro Student Union's membership, communication, events & event tickets.
You can also get in touch with other students at Örebro University and other schools around the country. 

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Everything you need during your studies!

  • Find and connect with students from [University] and from other schools

  • Find courses on campus and see all your current and upcoming courses

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Find all
Örebro Student Union
events and activities

  • Become a member or follow
    Örbero student union to always keep track of all our member communications,
    events and activities

  • Find other student associations' events and buy tickets in the app

  • Buy merch and other products directly on hitract!

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The dream employer will find you

  • On hitract there are also employers who are there to connect with you based on what you study, your passions and interests

  • Employers find you on hitract instead of you having to look them up. So be yourself, do your thing and it will work out!

How do I find the
Örebro student union on Hitract?

  1. Download the hitract app and create an account


  2. Find our hitClub by searching for the Örebro Student Union

  3. Become a member of the Örebro Student Union

    Do you have questions or concerns?
    Contact hitract directly via or @hitract on Instagram.

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