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The Red Pavilion

The Red Pavilion

Örebro student union administrate the rent for the red Pavilion but it is owned by the University.
The red pavilion is rented out to enable activities linked to union sections and union members.
The venue is located on Campus Almby by the volleyball courts. 


  • As a union section and union member within the Örebro student union, you have the opportunity to rent the Red Pavilion from us.

  • The venue can be booked at the Örebro student union reception either by email, telephone or by visiting the reception.

  • It is possible to rent the premises on Wednesdays or whole weekends (Friday to Sunday). On certain occasions, it is possible to rent the premises on other weekdays by agreement.

  • Booking of the premises only takes place during the current term.

  • During the introductions, only the Sections have the right to book the Red Pavilion. At the end of the introduction, corps members can also book the Red Pavilion.

  • During the introduction, the sections also have priority to book the Red Pavilion for the remaining dates of the semester, this to contribute to a vibrant student culture.

Price & Payment

  • The price for renting the premises is SEK 300 for sections and SEK 600 for individual members per rental period, regardless of whether it is a weekday or weekend.

  • The invoice is sent digitally to your given email address and must be paid no later than 30 days after the rental period.

  • The rental contract is signed, as well as keys and access cards are distributed, on the same day the rental period begins (Wednesdays or Fridays) during the reception's opening hours, unless otherwise noted.

  • The key and access card will be returned the next weekday during the reception's opening hours.

  • Free cancellation takes place no later than 48 hours before the intended time for picking up the key, otherwise a fee of the full rental cost is received.

Space & Housewares

  • There are plenty of tables and seats. In the premises there is a kitchen with stove, oven, 2 large refrigerators and 2 microwave ovens.

  • There is a limited range of household utensils such as cutlery and plates etc., so it is recommended to bring your own.

  • The premises have two indoor toilets and soap and toilet paper are provided by the janitors.

  • There is also a music system that is easily connected to a phone, laptop or tablet, this with an AUX 3.5mm cable.


  • The tenant is responsible for restoring the premises to its original condition and for cleaning before 9:00 a.m. weekdays after the rental period.

  • Cleaning checks are carried out in the morning after each rental period and tenants are invoiced for any shortcomings in the cleaning. In the case of minor cleaning failures, the tenant receives an email at 10.00 with measures that can be taken care of before the key is handed in.

  • A cleaning supply with cleaning equipment is available and must be applied.
    Posted on the door of the cleaning room are the cleaning instructions that must be followed.

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