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Örebro Kårhus

Kårhuset is a restaurant, cozy oasis and workplace. Kårhuset and Café Kåren is open every weekday during the semester and offers seating for socializing and studying, cheap coffee and lunch.

Timebeer is a concept well known to many on campus and it is our popular Thursday pub where beer and cider are priced on time, from 4pm until late. At "Fredagsklubben" you dance in the weekend on our hot dance floors. We also organize many seatings and other bookings, only your imagination sets the limits!

How is Kårhuset run?

Kårhuset´s various activities are run by non-profit students at the university.
These invaluable efforts make it possible to offer the cheapest coffee on campus, affordable lunches and an extraordinary night club every day.

In order for Kårhuset to exist today and tomorrow, commitment from students on campus is needed, it is a changing job with opportunities for personal development. It's a great way to meet new people and gain new experiences in a fun way!

Every week there are new students from all different sections who show up and work, and we hope that we will be even more!

Örebro Kårhus is a subsidiary of Örebro student union.
Örebro student union bought the Kårhuset in 2012

and started operations on March 1.

Do you want to work at the union house?


Fakultetsgatan 3

702 81 Örebro


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