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Örebro student union

About Örebro student union

Since 1963, the Örebro student union represents all students and doctoral students at Örebro University.
The student union deals with educational and study social issues so that you, who have chosen Örebro University as your institution of higher education, will receive the education you were promised as well as a safe and secure study environment.

Örebro student union cooperates and is in constant contact with the university and the municipality in order to represent students in the decisions that affect you as a student. Among other things, the student union has student representatives on the Faculty Committees - which are part of the university's central management.

Studenter vid Örebro universitet som valt att bli medlemmar i Örebro studentkår

Studentrepresentanter vid Örebro universitets centrala organ

Örebro studentkårs högst beslutande organ bestående av 41 ledamöter från de olika kårsektionerna

Örebro studentkårs fristående tidning

Örebro Kårhusrestaurang AB

Örebro studentkårs ägda dotterbolag

Örebro studentkårs högst verkställande organ bestående av 1 ledamot från varje kårsektioner samt Örebostudentkårs presidium

Tjänstepersoner anställda av Örbero studentkår

Studentrepresentanter vid Örebro universitets olika instutioner

Örebro studentkår består av tio kårsektioner indelade enligt Örebro universitets instutioner; Corax, DokSek, GIH, Grythyttan, NexusQultura, Serum, Sesam, Sobra, TekNat

Rådsfunktioner bestående av personer från kårsektioner, kansli och kårstyrelsen

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