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The board of
Örebro student union

Directly subordinate to the Örebro student union (ÖS) general council is the union board - Örebro student union's highest executive body.

The union board consists of the ÖS chairman, the ÖS two vice-chairmen and a member from each corps section (usually the section's chairman or vice-chairman). The board's main tasks can be summed up as implementing the council's decisions and managing the organization.

The union board is responsible for a large part of the Örebro student union's political work towards the university, municipality, region and business.
The political issues often concern the overall student population, while the boards of the union sections pursue issues with a closer connection to the students of their institution.

The union board´s
job description

Vice President
Aleksander Berger
Vice President
Victor Breström
Member of Sobra
Tintin Leufstadius
Member of Gryhyttan
Ally Hellsten
Member of Qultura
Emanuel Blom
Member of Corax
Anna Ha
Member of GIH
Oscar Östebo
Member of Sesam
Emma Werkmästar
Member of TekNat
August Möller Englund
Member of Serum
Isabella Laukka
Member of DokSek
Rebecka Klang
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