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Student housing

Student housing

Report a move as a student

When you move to study at a university or college you must be registered in the population register at your place of study. The basic rule is that you must be registered where you live, i.e. where you sleep most nights.

With an e-identification card, you can use the Swedish Tax Agency's e-service to register a move, quickly and easily. Read more and register your move on the Swedish Tax Agenc's website

Emergency accommodation and housing guarantee

Both emergency accommodation and ÖBO's housing guarantee are a last resort and temporary, short-term emergency solutions.

You can can you read more about the emergency accommodation here and what you need to do to get access to it.

ÖBO offers new students a housing guarantee. The housing guarantee is a temporary shared accommodation. You need to find a fellow student/s you want to share an apartment with. In the Facebook group "They call us students - flatmate wanted” you can find fellow students to share an apartment with. The apartments are rented on time-limited contracts. Here you can read more about ÖBO's housing guarantee.

Remember home insurance!

For you as a student, it is important to obtain home insurance, which serves as basic protection in everyday life. The link below compares different home insurance policies for you as a student. Click on and find the home insurance that suits your living situation best!

home insurance

Landlords - Örebro

Municipal landlord

ÖrebroBostäder AB (ÖBO) is Örebro's municipal housing company and is the largest landlord in Örebro. At ÖBO, you register to join their housing queue and collect purchase points. It is then with these purchase points that you apply for an apartment with ÖBO. ÖBO also has a housing guarantee, read more about it here. You must be registered for this housing guarantee if you want to take part in Örebro student union's emergency accommodation.

Private landlords

When it comes to getting a lease with private landlords, slightly different approaches apply depending on the landlord. Some landlords have a queuing system where the person who has been standing the longest is first in the queue, but there are also those that take in expressions of interest or have a first-come, first-served system. It is often necessary to lie on the different landlords by calling them (but not those with a queue system). It is best to call them at the beginning and at the end of the month if you want to know if the landlord has any apartments available. Below we have listed all housing companies that have student apartments in Örebro.

  • Asplunds Properties
    has newly built student apartments on both Universitetsgatan and Tybblegatan near the Örebro campus.

  • Behrn Properties
    has student apartments on Tärnvägen. Soon they will also have student apartments on Dragonvägen and on the Örebro campus.

  • Botrygg
    has student apartments at Karlsdalsallé in Sörbyängen.

  • The landlord Real Estate
    has three properties called Muttrarna which are student apartments on Åstadalsvägen.

  • John Ekström Bygg AB
    has the student apartments at Tärnvägen, Erik Rosenbergsväg, Salsmästaregatan, Gyrogatan 6.

  • K2A student house
    has student apartments on Dragonvägen and Tybblegatan.

  • Länsgården Fastigheter AB 
    has student apartments at Campus USÖ.

  • Student housing in the Nordics AB
    has student apartments on Basilikagatan.

  • Studentparken
    has student apartments in the form of corridor rooms in Almby/Näsby.

  • Church of Sweden residences in Örebro
    has student apartments on Studievägen.

  • National building
    has apartments throughout Örebro.

  • Plain island
    has several apartments in Södra Ladugårdsängen.

  • Sjöborg's property management
    has several apartments in Örebro and Kumla.

There are other private landlords in Örebro who rent out regular rental properties.
You can find a list of all landlords at Örebro Municipality's website.

Landlords - Gryhyttan

Private landlords

Below are some links to private landlords in Grythyttan.

Municipal landlord

Via Hällefors municipality's website can you also find accommodation.

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