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Members Day

Members day Autumn-22

Soon it will be time for the autumn membership day!

To give back to our members, Örebro student union will organize a festive day on campus. All corps sections will be on site together with other actors.

Location: Forum foyer and Kårhuset


11 – 16 Fair in Forumhuset with exclusive offers for union members

11 – 14 Free lunch in Kårhuset for union members

21:30 – 02:00 Nightclub in the Kårhus for all union members


- Sesame
- Drawing
- Sober
– Corax
- The potting shed
– Serum
- Culture
- Doksek

- The campus gym
– Student Impact Lab
- Career and future ORU
– Unlock number
- Gowell
– Hi tract

Does your business want to be included?

Members Day is one of the Örebro student union biggest events, which is aimed at 4,000 members
and students. Here you businesses have the chance to meet students to show off your products
and services.

We offer:
- Booth space of 3 x 1.5 m
– Power outlet
– Food package

Contact person

Jakob Hagström

Vice-chairman with education policy responsibility

070 - 939 99 26

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